Custom Ink Printed
Paper Merchandise Bags
Small Quantity

Custom Ink Printed
Paper Merchandise Bags
Small Quantity

Item#DescriptionPackOrder 1000Order 3000Order 6000
6605876 x 9" Kraft 1000$262.00/1000 bags$240.00/1000 bags$238.00/1000 bags
6605946 x 9" White1000$266.00/1000 bags$244.00/1000 bags$242.00/1000 bags
6605587 x 10" Kraft1000$269.00/1000 bags$247.00/1000 bags$245.00/1000 bags
6605957 x 10" White1000 $273.00/1000 bags$251.00/1000 bags$249.00/1000 bags
6605899.8 x 12.2" Kraft1000$282.00/1000 bags$259.50/1000 bags$257.00/1000 bags
6605969.8 x 12.2" White1000$293.00/1000 bags$270.00/1000 bags$267.00/1000 bags
66059111 x 14" Kraft1000$298.00/1000 bags$275.00/1000 bags$272.00/1000 bags
66059711 x 14" White1000$312.00/1000 bags$288.00/1000 bags$284.00/1000 bags
66056713 x 16" White500$370.00/1000 bags$342.00/1000 bags$342.00/1000 bags

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We custom print your logo onto paper shopping bags locally in Kelowna.

Custom printed flat paper bags make an great IMPRESSION on your customers.

  • One time Plate charges apply (approx. $75)
  • You may need (or want) more than one size plate depending on the bag sizes you choose.
  • Additional artwork fees may apply
  • Minimum order of 1000 bags/size

These bags are printed in Canada. First time orders can be turned around in about 2 weeks with approved artwork in our hands! Price per package with a one colour, one sided print. Click Here to view colour options.

Contact us to discuss the details or to place an order


Having your logo printed on a merchandise bag is easy.  Here’s what you need to know before ordering your bags.

1. Find the plain merchandise bag that you would like to print your logo on. Kraft bags are shown here. White bags are shown here.

2. Choose your ink colour. Ink colours can be viewed here.

3. You will need a good quality vector file image of your logo; .ai or .eps files work well. If you need help with this step, please give us a call.

4. Contact us to discuss the details or to place an order