General FAQs

  • Online orders – What to do if your shipping address is outside of our automated shipping

    If you are placing an order online and your shipping address is outside of our automated shipping system.  A customer service representative will be in contact with the shipping charges.  If you would like to find out the shipping before processing a payment, please proceed with the online order, for payment method select ON ACCOUNT.  This will submit the order without collecting payment and we will be in contact with the complete order total to see if you would like to proceed.

  • Are you open to the public?

    We are a distributor with a showroom located in Kelowna.  Anyone can buy from us, however, some of our quantities may be too large for individuals.  Many things are sold in eaches, but a number are sold in cases.

  • Is the showroom open for customers?

    Our showroom is open for customers to browse our display boards and samples.  You can place orders on the spot for immediate pickup.

  • Do you have stock on hand of everything on your website?

    We endevour to mark items out of stock on the website.  We should have some stock of all the items not marked as out of stock.  However, our inventory changes with every customer order placed.

  • The colour of the product I received does not look like what I saw on your website?

    Actual product color may vary from the images shown. Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, and every individual may see these colors differently. In addition, lighting conditions at the time the photo was taken can also affect an image’s color.

    We cannot guarantee that the color you see on screen accurately portrays the true color of the product.

  • Do you make custom size boxes?

    We do not manufacture boxes.  All of the regularly stocked boxes that we carry can be seen on our website.  We may have access to other sizes which will require minimum quantities in the range of 100 or more boxes.

  • Do you sell boxes for wineries?

    We sell a number of boxes and bags that are suitable for wineries.  We also can print logos on many of these items (subject to minimum quantities for printing).  We do not distribute lay down bottle style wine shipping boxes.

  • Do you sell boxes for shipping?

    We sell common sizes that retailers would use for shipping.  All of the boxes that we carry can be found on the web site.

  • When did you move into this location?

    We merged together Lisjen Store Supplies and Okanagan Bag & Box in 2019.  We moved together to Leckie Road March 2020.

  • What hours are you open?

    We are open 8:30 am to 4pm, Monday to Friday excluding Statutory holidays.  We also close for a week between Christmas and New Years.

  • What is your return policy?

    You must contact us to make arrangements prior to returning any goods or the return may be refused. You must call us within 48 hours of receiving your order to alert us of any problems or concerns regarding your order. Returns will only be accepted up to 30 days from receipt of goods. Items cannot be returned after more than 30 days from receipt of goods unless arrangements have been made with management.

    At the discretion of our management, your returned items may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. All credit card returns totaling over $200 will be subject to a 2.5% card processing fee. This fee may be waived if you choose to leave a credit on file with us instead of receiving a refund.

    We will not accept any items that are returned collect unless the customer and salesperson have made prior arrangements. Any item approved to be returned must come back to us in “as new” condition. All returns must include all accessories (manuals, etc.) and must be in the original packaging. FDA approved products, showcases, and other select items may not be returned. No returns will be accepted on any special order or custom items. We reserve the right to refuse a product return at any time.

  • How can I place an order? 

    The most effective way to place an order is online.  You can order and pay.  You can decide if you want shipping or pickup.   You can phone us to place an order, however we may be busy helping customers in the showroom when you call and may have to call you back.  You can also come into our showroom and order for immediate pickup.  You may also email us your order details however, we will most likely have to call you to confirm order details, as such, online orders are the most effective.

  • Are you a retailer or a wholesaler?

    We are a wholesaler/distributor with a showroom which contains samples.  All orders are picked from our warehouse by our staff and as such it is best to order in advance, even if you want to pickup.  We strongly encourage people to order online when possible.  We will get the order ready for you and your pickup will be faster.

  • Do you offer free delivery?

    We do not offer free delivery.   Many customers prefer to pickup at our Kelowna location on Leckie Road.  We ship with national couriers such as Purolator and offer very competitive shipping rates.

  • How long does an online order take to ship?

    The shipment for stock items will occur within two days provided all items are in stock.  If we dont have enough stock to completely fill the order we will contact you by email if possible to advise of the timeline or to consider alternatives.   The timelines for custom printed goods are different from those of stock items.

  • How long does an online order take to pick up?

    Our website is not directly connected to our order management system.  So when we recieve your order we enter it into the order system.  Generally a pickup order placed online should be ready for pickup the next day.  If we dont have enough stock on an item we will email you within one day to advise and wait for your response before taking action.

Custom Printed FAQs

  • What's our approach to the upcoming single use plastic bag ban?

    In preparation for Canada’s ban on single use plastic retail bags, we want to inform you, our customers, about our approach and plan going forward with our ability to sell retail plastic bags.

    Firstly, we very much appreciate your loyalty. We have always strived to bring you the best selection of retail plastic bags at the most affordable prices that we can offer.  Bearing in mind that the manufacture and import of single use retail plastic bags will end officially on Dec.20-2022, we have put the following plan into place as is allowed in the Canadian Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations: SOR/2022-138:

    Our supplier(s) will discontinue producing single use plastic retail bags as of Dec.20-2022.  Under the new regulations, we will continue to sell single use plastic retail bags until Dec.20-2023.  We will have stock of single use plastic retail bags in 2023 for sale.

    As many of our customers prefer to have their logo printed on their bags, we will continue to offer our custom printed small run retail bag program into 2023.

    Certain local jurisdictions have either previously announced or are announcing their own plan regarding their policy on single use plastic bags, and we encourage you to consider these in your plan to use plastic bags in your store going forward.

    We are committed to bringing you products that will help you display, package, promote and ship what you want to sell today.  We have many alternatives to single use retail plastic bags.  Please have a look through our website for a number of wonderful alternatives.

  • What products do you custom print?

    We offer custom printed retail bags, e-commerce shipping bags and to a lesser extent boxes that are designed primarly for retailers.  In Kelowna we have a printing press that can do smaller quantities (500 min).  We also do hot stamping in our Winnipeg location.   We also source other custom printed packaging including shipping packing tape, grosgrain and satin ribbon, self adhesive labels (hot stamped, digital or ink printed), hang tags for merchandising, and pricing label gun labels.

  • How long does it take to get custom printed packaging made with my logo?

    Timelines can vary depending on the job and the time of year.  For custom printed bags printed on our press in Kelowna, it typically takes about a week to produce printing plates for a new job and a further 2 to 4 weeks to print. These times can fluctuate depending on the season, taking longer depending on the volume of jobs currently in our queue. Hot stamped bags can take between 4 to 6 weeks on average, custom packing tape, between 3 to 4 weeks, custom labels between 3 to 5 weeks, custom ribbon around 4 weeks, custom hang tags around 4 to 5 weeks and pricing gun labels between 2 to 4 weeks.  All of our ETA’s are approx. and we do our best to complete them in the timeframe, if you are in a rush or require the product by a particular date, please be sure to let the CSR know at the time of the order. 

  • How do I order custom printed packaging?

    You can get all kinds of information about our custom printed products on our website, but to place an order its best to email us at or give us a call.   When you call our phone number you will be given an option to press 2 to speak to someone in our printing department.  Our phone number is 1 (250) 765-6522.  Our showroom is not the ideal place to order custom printing as we operate the printing department remotely.

  • What is your minimum quantities for printing?

    Generally our minimums are 500 for ink printed or hot stamped bags. Packaging tape may required a min of 72 rolls or 144 rolls depending on size.  Minimum for ribbon is 500 yards. Self adhesive labels digital or hot stamp is 1000, ink printed is 2000.  Hang tags minimum is 1000.  Price gun labels minimum is 100 rolls.

  • How much do printing plates cost?

    Plate costs vary depending on the size of the logo.  However for plates for our press in Kelowna they range between $75 and $125.  Hot stamping plates range from$75 to $200.  Shipping packing tape and custom printed ribbon plates, ink printed labels plates cost $75.

  • What is the largest logo size that can be printed?

    We do have some limitations on our press size. The largest logo that can be printed is approx 16 x 16 inches.   Some logos are not ideal for our press, so we usually like to review your artwork to offer feedback on the compatibility of your logo with our press capabilities.

  • How many colors can you print?

    For small quantity printing, we use a one color press.  We are able to print two colors by running the job through the press two times.  This will only work on some logos.  We would need to review the art to advise.

  • Do you offer graphic art services to design a new logo or clean up an old logo?

    We offer limited graphic services.  We can help clean up an old logo but generally are not designing logos.  Graphics charges may apply depending on the extent of the work required.

  • What’s the difference between ink printing and hot stamping?

    Hot stamping is where we take a colored foil and melt it onto your bag in the shape of your logo.  Its quite impressive.  Ink printing is running the bag under an ink press.  Ink absorbs slightly into paper bags so if you are looking for an “eco” look, or “weathered” look, and you are using paper bags its the way to go.    We cannot hot stamp plastic bags as they melt so if you are using plastic, ink printing is the way to go.  Also, the lead times are longer on hot stamping so if you are looking for shorter lead times, ink printing is the way to go.

  • What are artwork requirements?

    We require a Vector file which is a digital file that contains all of the details that are needed for making a proof and printing plate.  A vector file can include a high resolution PDF, AI, TIF and/or EPS file.  Unfortunately a JPEG or PNG file are not vector files.  You are able to change into a vector file or for a small fee we may be able to recreate the artwork for you in the proper format.  If you are unsure which format your file is in feel free to email us at and we can provide some feedback.

  • Are my plates kept on file for future orders?

    When you order from us we store your plates for a number of years.  Plates can wear down with time but generally are good for a number of uses.  Also, if you make a change we need to make a new plate.  Please note that hot stamp plates are different from ink press plates and cannot be used interchangably.

  • Can you match my brand ink colours – pms colour?

    We offer a number of standard colors, although many customers opt for black ink these days.  We can order premixed pantone ink and it will increase the cost of the job by approx $125 to $150 and increase the lead time of the job as it is a special ordered ink.

  • Can I use the same plate used for my paper bags to print on boxes or other items?

    Your plates for our ink press can be used on paper bags, plastic bags or boxes.

  • Do you do pre-press samples?

    Once we set up the press it is most efficient to run it, and as such we cannot offer pre-press samples.  We will provide a digital proof showing the logo and approximate placement of the logo where a new plate is involved.

  • What’s the difference between ink printing and digital printing?

    Digital printing is done with a computer much like an expensive photocopy machine.  Ink printing is done on a press with a printing plate.  Digital printing is more suitable to multi-colored work and small quantities, however can be expensive for small quantities.