Jiffy Rigid Mailer Envelopes

Jiffy Rigid Mailer Envelopes

#2 RIGID MAILER 8.5x10.5 inch (656037)$0.70$0.65
#4 RIGID MAILER 9.5x13 inch (656038)$0.88$0.82
#5 RIGID MAILER 10.5x14 inch (656039)$1.10$1.02
#6 RIGID MAILER 12.5x15 inch (656040)$1.55$1.45


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Rigid envelopes for things that should not be folded

Quantity Price/unit1+100+
#2 RIGID MAILER 8.5x10.5 inch (656037) 0.70 0.65
#4 RIGID MAILER 9.5x13 inch (656038) 0.88 0.82
#5 RIGID MAILER 10.5x14 inch (656039) 1.10 1.02
#6 RIGID MAILER 12.5x15 inch (656040) 1.55 1.45


Protect your products and save on shipping costs with Jiffy Rigid Mailers.   A mailer that won’t crease, bend or fold!  Has a  self-sealing flap. No tape or stiffeners needed! Stiff 100% recycled fiberboard and sturdy kraft construction provides rigid, strong protection pictures, printed info or documents. Has a tear strip opening.