Cupcake Bakery Boxes

Cupcake Bakery Boxes

Price per 100 boxes1+3+
1Cup 4x4x4 Regular (White) 60510028.9527.50
1Cup 4x4x4 Premium coated with Window (White) 60510256.7055.00
1Cup 4x4x4 Regular (Pink 605105 or Cocoa 605110) 28.9527.50
1Cup 4x4x4 Regular with window (Pink 605107 or Cocoa 605112)53.9551.25
1 Cup 4x4x4 Premium, Coated box (Kraft) 604103 discontinued63.3061.30
2Cup 8x4x4 Premium, coated with window (white) 60513167.7565.70
4Cup 7x7x4 Regular (White) 60511554.2051.50
4 Cup 7x7x4 Premium, Coated with window (White) 60511776.2573.95
4Cup 7x7x4 Regular with window (Pink 605122 or Cocoa 605127)75.0071.25
4Cup 7x7x4 Regular (Pink 605120 or Cocoa 605125)54.2051.50
6Cup 10x10x4 Regular (White) 60513073.8570.00
6Cup 10x10x4 Premium, Coated Box with window (White) 605132107.45104.20
6Cup 10x10x4 Regular (Pink 605135 or Cocoa 605140)59.9556.95
6Cup 10x10x4 with window (Pink 605137 or Cocoa 605142)99.3094.35
12Cup 14x10x4 Premium Coated with window (White) 605147136.45132.35
12Cup 14x10x4 Regular with Window (Pink 605152 or Cocoa 605157)120.00114.00
12Cup 14x10x4 Regular (White) 60514595.9091.10
12Cup 14x10x4 Regular (Pink 605150 or Cocoa 605155)78.3574.45
1 cup insert 60516026.00na
2 cup insert 60516228.00na
4Cup inserts 60516530.00na
6Cup inserts 60517036.00na
12Cup inserts 60517540.00na
Mini 12Cup inserts 60517740.00na
Mini 24Cup inserts 60517940.00na


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All bakery boxes and cupcake inserts are 100% recycled and FDA approved. Boxes and cupcake inserts sold seperately.   1 cup box 4x4x4 inches, 2 cup box 8x4x4 inches, 4 cup box 7x7x4 inches, 6 cup box 10x10x4 inches, 12 cup box 14x10x4 inches  Except for pie boxes, all other boxes and inserts sold in packs of 100

x 100 boxes

Additional information

Box or Insert

Box, Insert

# of Cakes

1 Cupcake, 2 Cupcakes, 4 Cupcakes, 6 Cupcakes, 12 Cupcakes, Mini 12, Mini 24


White, Pink, Cocoa, Kraft

Cellophone Window

With Window, No Window

Reg vs Premium

Regular, Premium Coated