Cupcake Bakery Box Inserts

Cupcake Bakery Box Inserts

Price per 100 inserts1+
605160 1-cup insert 100's27.00
605162 2-cup insert 100's29.00
605165 4-Cup inserts 100's32.00
605170 6-Cup inserts 100's38.00
605175 12-Cup inserts 100's42.00


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All bakery boxes and cupcake inserts are 100% recycled and FDA approved. Boxes and cupcake inserts sold seperately.   1 cup box 4x4x4 inches, 2 cup box 8x4x4 inches, 4 cup box 7x7x4 inches, 6 cup box 10x10x4 inches, 12 cup box 14x10x4 inches  Except for pie boxes, all other boxes and inserts sold in packs of 100

Quantity Price per 100 inserts1+
605160 1-cup insert 100's 27.00
605162 2-cup insert 100's 29.00
605165 4-Cup inserts 100's 32.00
605170 6-Cup inserts 100's 38.00
605175 12-Cup inserts 100's 42.00