Box of 2000 Glue Dots

Box of 2000 Glue Dots

655598 - Box of 2000 Glue Dots - ea.65.00


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Achieve productivity with ease by using Glue Dots® adhesive solutions that work with virtually any application in any industry. Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives are the clean and safe alternative to liquid glues, hot-melts and double-sided tapes and have been successfully used to: Secure product orientation before shrink-wrapping Repair hot melt failure seamlessly and invisibly Secure medical product information sheets or outserts to pharmaceutical packaging Secure and holding gift basket products in place Attach promotional items and gift cards, closing brochures or being used as an alternative to wafer seals Affix pieces or holding components in place before assembly

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655598 - Box of 2000 Glue Dots - ea. 65.00

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