Covid-19 Updates

We will be opening our showroom with a limited capacity on Monday June 15th.  Our showroom hours will be Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4pm

We have designated the main door (on the right) for showroom customer service.  However, for those customers who have placed thier order in advance and have no order changes they may enter the pickup door (on the left) which is a seperate area in which you can pickup your ready-order.   We continue to encourage you place orders with us online or by phone and to take advantage of pre-ordered pickup.

We have a limit of 3 customers in the showroom and 1 customer in the pickup area.  If you see that we are at that limit please wait outside and we will advise when it is your turn to enter.

If you have or had symptons of COVID19 within the past 14 days you must not enter our building.

We ask that all customers hand sanitze before upon entering our building.  Hand sanitzer willl be provided near the entrance.  We encourage customers to wear thier own masks while in our building.   We insist that customers maintain a 2 meter distance between themselves and our staff or other customers.

Our commonly touched surfaces such as door handles and countertops will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.

Please be patient with our staff as waits may be longer than usual during this time.