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Okanagan Bag and Box

  • Small Run Custom Printed Retail Bags and Boxes in a RAINBOW of colours
  • Unprinted bags and boxes
  • Apparel boxes & gift boxes


  • Associated retail supplies

What does small run mean?  Because of our equipment, Okanagan bag and Box can print your logo on a plastic bag, paper bag, or paper box in small quantities. This is very helpful to a retail store to not have to tie up precious space and capital in large quantities of custom retail bags and boxes. We also specialize in BIO-DEGRADABLE PLASTIC BAGS.  Bio-degradable plastic bags break down after time, making them an enviro-conscious choice for today’s modern retailer. Whether your logo is simple, or complex, Okanagan Bag and Box is ready to help you create the  custom retail packaging that you have always dreamed of.  The best part of it we do it all right here in Kelowna, a Made in Canada solution!